Joomla! User Network Twin CitiesJoomla! User Network Twin Cities

Here are the notes from previous meetings.

Here are some of the items we talked about at our April 2017 meeting.

We are now OFFICAL. A Joomla JUG (or, as we prefer a JNET) group! We are listed on the JUG listing. We have started to receive some additional interest in the group, likely from that posting.

We spent a significant amount of time just talking about how we are going to 'run' the group and how to promote the group. We agreed to move forward with a more 'group directed' approach to determining 'topics' for meetings. To that end we will work to have a way to allow group members/participants to help set the agenda for future meet ups (somehow using our web site to facilitate that). We are also going to trying to reach out to others we know or see in the community that show some interest in Joomla! and let them know about our meetings and invite them personallyo our meetings.

We also discussed our 'transition' from Joomla MN group to Joomla Twin Cities - noting that this is a completely new group, new leaders, new structure, etc. There are a few of us who were active in the J!mn group; however, this is not directly assocated with it. Also noted that the Joomla MN group was removed from the Joomla! JUG listing as it was no longer active.

Other topics

  • Continued discussions about accessibility for Joomla! sites
    • Most of this is 'handled' at the 'template' level (although there are some 'functional' aspects that are effected by the core functionality ... or other extensions)
    • Specific note: Having an image 'alt' tag that just lists the image file name (which is the default for JCE Editor) is NOT 100% compliant - it should have some type of descriptive content about the image itself (But filename is better than nothing) [It would be nice if there was a JCE editor plugin that would 'force' using a user-supplied descriptor rather than filename]
    • See previous month for tools (we talked more about some of those tools)
    • New tool - Chrome plugin to check accessibility of a web site:
    • Also talked about properties and their accessibility levels:
      • The sites performed quite well using the above tool
      • A 'clean' Joomla! install does well also (with default template)
  • Multi-lingual sites - how to easily handle those
    • Joomla 3.7 will make this easier
    • Joomla project uses Crowdin: [NOTE: This is a correction from our previous notes that indicated Joomla used Transifex]
    • Some other projects use Transifex: (Good for large projects)
    • Specific Note: Taiwan uses 'traditional' Chinese; China (mainland) uses "simplified" Chinese; discussion went on about the Chinese language, keyboards, character sets, etc.

We will meet again in May. Same time. Same Place. (And for some of us ... same food :-) )