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Below are several 'release day' events being held on Tuesday, August 17, the anniversary of Joomla AND the date for the LONG awaited Joomla 4.

These events are happening at various times around the globe, so watch when you can. They are posted in  order of when they begin. All events begin on August 17, unless otherwise noted).

We'll try to post the recordings here once the live events are over and recordings are available.

JUG Australia team Live Launch Celebration (3:30 am  CDT)

The JUG Australia team will do a shout-out to Joomla's birthday and launch celebration.

Joomla Next Live Event (August 17, 2021, 7:30 am EDT)

This event will feature key Joomla leaders like Brian Teeman, Robert Deutz, Patrick Jacson, Shivam Rajput, Joe Sonne, and Alexandre Elise.

JUG Padova Virtual Toast (11:40 am CDT in Italian)

The JUG Padova is hosting a virtual toast to celebrate Joomla's 16th birthday and launch of Joomla 4's most exciting new features! This event will be in Italian.

JUG London Joomla 16th Birthday and Joomla 4 Release event (12pm CDT)

The JUG London team has a fantastic line up of speakers in and around the development and launch of Joomla! 4 including a Joomla co-founder, release leads,  and the newly elected president.

JUG Chicago North Joomla 4 day event recap (4:00 pm CDT)

JUG Chicago North will recap the events of the day (so far).

JUG Belem (Brazil) "Joomla4: Everything you need to know" event (5:00 pm CDT in Portuguese)

The JUG Belem (Brazil) team has been holding sessions on Joomla 4 and their 10th event

. This event will be in Portuguese.